Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Going Mobile!

We have wheels! Through a process slightly less complicated than the Treaty of Versailles, we are now driving a car given to Paul and Tawnya by their neighbor. Too expensive to sell it to us (taxes) and we aren't residents, so we can't register it. Nevertheless, we are legally driving a Toyota Camry for the duration of our stay here.

In case you can't tell, it is wet out there. Most days are, off and on, the sorts of day the English would call soft days with just a light slow rain falling. Not enough water to need an umbrella or even really a raincoat for limited ventures. For me a hat is nearly enough.

The primary attribute of a car in this neck of the woods is that aside from going and stopping, a car must be water-tight. So far, this baby is knocking it out of the park in all three areas. Yes, there are strange noises happening when it moves on the road that would scare away any sane buyer, but we are neither sane nor buying it. And we aren't going very far. At least it will keep us dry inside when it breaks down.

Tomorrow, we head to our first house/pet sit on Bainbridge Island. We'll be there for two weeks and we have 10 round trip passes on the ferry. That ought to do it. Once E has finished painting the dresser for the tons of baby clothes that we are still washing, running errands, and visiting the new midwives with Anna, we'll have a bit more time for sightseeing and I hope to get back to regular bloggin'. Like other important things in life if you don't do it regularly, you just might stop altogether!