Tuesday, March 07, 2017

A Little Bit of Hollywood

After arriving at LAX this morning, we took the shuttle to the hotel and, of course, 10 AM is too early to check in. So, we stored our luggage and caught a cab to Hollywood. Decided to see tinseltown so we can say we've been there.

We went to Grauman's Chinese Theater to see the stars and handprints. In the mall next door we found a little girl having the time of her young life playing in the water fountain while a kiosk saleswoman generates soap bubbles to attract the customers.

One of the favorite weekly features of my childhood was Red Skelton. His show was so funny. I have these great memories of sitting in the floor with my mother as we both laughed until we cried.

The other highlight of my youth was Bugs Bunny. He's the reason, ultimately, that I found opera. His one-liners fill my vocabulary. Can't miss this star.

After a 14 hour flight, we quickly began to flag. We stopped in the Hard Rock for lunch and enjoyed lunch in a fairly empty place. After listening to music on Australian radio for 7 months, it was refreshing to hear the selection of music played here. Rock music in Australia is exactly the same as here, only entirely different. There are musicians that are really popular there that Americans have never heard of. And oddly, there is music popular in both places but played by someone else in Australia. A song will come on the radio that you know. After listening for a while you realise that this doesn't quite sound right. Then in the chorus, very different things begin happening. It is that you hear the original and the Australian (?) cover, you only hear the cover band on the radio. I can't find the reason why.

So sitting in the Hard Rock listening to the "real deal" as they played the videos, made everything seem "right" again. Everything fit. Even the ice water with lemon on the table seems oddly familiar. This you never get in Australia. Coming to Hollywood is a place to really find home.