Wednesday, February 01, 2017


About 25 km outside of Broken Hill is the original mining town of Silverton. The town was built here and when they figured out that the main lode was at the site o Broken Hill, they literally moved the town. With camels and the train, the buildings were moved to Broken Hill. There is not much left.

But what is left (or more recently built here) is pretty interesting. There are some old churches left behind.

But some current residents are into art and show it in interesting ways.

In the Mundi Mundi desert not far from here is where Mad Max was filmed. Hence, there is a museum here.

In the old jail is a museum with just about everything you can imagine form places all around the area.

There are old washing machines...

and canned cream.

There was more stuff than I can possible describe or photograph: class photos, masonic paraphernalia, cooking utensils, hair clips, farm tools, etc.

This town is worth revisiting. Gotta go the Mad Max Museum.