Wednesday, February 15, 2017


About an hour from our housesit is a the small town of Rushworth. This is is a town settled in the 1850's during the gold rush. the folks here has done a great job of restoring and maintaining the old buildings even though there is not much here now.

As you can see the buildings are well cared for. The mechanic's institute held a library and a pool room for the men to relax and learn a little about the many engineering jobs they faced.

You can see that over the years the some the buildings are repurposed but still in good shape.

Some have pretty fancy facades, even now.

And the hotel still seems to be in business.

A fun little town. We had a sandwich for lunch across the street from this little place. the food was good even if the place had no air conditioning. We ate on the sidewalk in the shade. It was about 36C this day, so it was pretty warm (37c is body temperature).