Friday, February 17, 2017

About the Farm

Just a bit north of us, maybe a couple hours drive, is the border with New South Wales. And there is a record-breaking heat wave hitting them now. Places are reaching 45C and a couple even more. A couple days ago the power was shut off for some customers in South Australia to avoid a complete crash of the system (you can believe that created a brouhaha!). So, needless to say, it is hot here. Not 45C, but still hot. As a result, I've been pretty timid about getting outside to photograph about the farm and bring you some rural scenery. The photo above is my first attempt and and I fairly well roasted while I took it.

But it is still possible to take photos inside where, since our power has not yet failed, we have some air conditioning. Raoul has finally cooperated a little and I have a few images of him.

In the right light, he is surprisingly photogenic.

Here he finally looks like a kind of regular cat.

I promise more photo of around the farm to come. It is about to cool off considerable for a couple days and I'll get to it.