Friday, January 27, 2017

The Albert Kersten Mining and Mineral Museum

Broken Hill is a mining town by origin although these days tourism seems to be the strong element of the economy now. There is mining and mineral museum here is gives a good explanation how the lode of ore got to where it is (was actually, most has been removed). Above is a pretty large silver nugget from the mine.  The caption you can't read says that there were nuggets over a ton in mass and so large they had to be broken up to be removed. Impressive.

The museum has a collection of very nice specimens showing what was found in the mine.

The star attraction is the silver tree. This is a table centerpiece (see description below) made from a single 8.5 Kg sheet of silver.

There was also a traveling exhibit from the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne describing the aboriginal people who served in the Australian military starting with the Boer War (no photos allowed). Most memorable is the Lovett family. They have contributed 21 members of their family to fighting for Australia. The family sent 5 sons to WWI and 5 more to WWII! Interestingly, even though the aboriginals could find no equality at home, they could find it in the military. Once in, many stayed in to have a quality of life.