Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Visit to Menindee

About an hour's drive south east is the small town of Menindee. Lots of straight road and heat. There are also lots of Emu.

Emu are skittish and aren't interested in getting too close to the road so the pictures are not what I would have wished. But you get the idea that out here, these are pretty common birds.

Of course, there are kangaroos out here as well.

An exciting new bird for us is the Rainbow Bee-eater. With his bright colors, black eye mask and iridescent wings, he's quite a sight.

I especially like the two narrow tail feathers that stick out beyond the rest.

He and the kangaroo were sighted on the shore of the lake at Menindee. It seems to be pretty shallow and is clearly filled with dead trees.

On the way back home we stopped when we saw an Inland Bearded Dragon in the road sunning himself

What you see that seems to be two large teeth is not really teeth but rather a couple flaps of skin in the mouth. He hissed at me and clearly was not happy that I was sharing the road with him even at a distance of 10-12 feet.