Thursday, December 01, 2016

Travelling Through Victoria

After leaving Pebbly Beach, we headed south. We soon came to the Moruya River.

Then came green hills and bright sunshine.

 Followed by crossing the border into Victoria. Since leaving Sydney, we've been headed each day further south than we've ever been before. We are well south of the Cape Town in South Africa.

We drove for hours through endless forests.

A reached the coastal town of Metung for the evening and spent the night in a place that promised wifi but delivered none.

But the next morning we stopped in a small mom-n-pop store/grill for a bite of breakfast. This was a hoot!

I got eggs and bacon on toast and E got a chiko. She describes it as mystery meat with cabbage in a fried roll. OK, she also got a egg and cheese toastie to really have. The chiko is just an experiment. A bad, scary, and not very good experiment.

Before Metung, the rain started.

And it had rained, off and on most days since we've been in Melbourne.