Saturday, December 10, 2016

Off to the Opera

There is a long delay between when the Met Opera broadcasts an opera live and it appears in Australia. We went to see Don Giovanni at an art house theater on the edge of the Italian district in Melbourne. Along the way from the Flinders Street station we passed a delightful arcade.

The interior of this place was great. The Christmas decorations were minimal and well done.

The wonderful surprise was done one of the hallways where we found a bakery. Yum!

According ot the sign over the door, this place has been serving tea since 1892.

Out on the street, Melbourne has its share of homeless.

Getting around above ground is easy with the handy electric tram system. Easy on, easy off and you can see the sights as you go.

We got on in front of the library and there was this interesting street art rising out of the sidewalk.

On Lygon Street, we found not only the opera, but a world of Italian food, book stores and shopping. We had a good pizza for lunch and a pleasant walk about before heading into the theater.

Melbourne is a great place and we're having fun exploring it. We'll be in the area until late January and will have more reports on exploring Melbourne.