Thursday, December 08, 2016

Kangaroo Ground Cemetery

Its been a while since I've brought you a cemetery, so I thought it time to bring you another one. While in the Yarra valley, we found a splendid one at Kangaroo Ground.

This cemetery has interesting markers for Greeks. It is apparently the custom to put this small house-like thing on the grave for people to leave message in for the deceased. The note in this one says "happy mother's day".

This can only be a new grave with a temporary marker.

This site has a lush growth of roses to commemorate the deceased. I've never seen such a growth of flowers on a grave before.

This one I just thought as interesting.

Nearby, but not clearly associated with a specific one, is a memorial for a photographer. I thought taking a picture of it was somehow appropriate.

And this one memoralized a lady with a delightful name.

One grave had this status of an angel kneeling beside it.

And there are always a few people who have a sense of humor. Gary was only Morris has Garfield on his gravestone. Once you realise that that Gary was only 11, it makes more sense.

Sometimes there is a marker that simply stands out from the rest.

This marker even includes a drawing that suggests one of those hand-painted japanese scroll.

Here's another one of the graves bursting in bloom.

I can only assume that this person was a musician.

This person died in 1864. One of the oldest markers we saw in the cemetery.

This guy was clearly a sports fan.

This cemetery is an interesting one and very different from the ones we saw in Queensland. I'll keep posting them for you to see how people are remembered after death in other parts of the world.