Sunday, December 18, 2016

Brunswick Street Art

Our foray into the street art world also took us to Brunswick to see what was on offer. There are several drawings here that are quite good.

I like this one with the odd little figure drawn up above the roiling figures closer to the ground. I don't know if the hole is intended to represent an input or output orifice.

This frog face is pretty cool.

This one seems to be all about the artist somehow.

The style of the lettering below is one of those things I can never read.

This one features a nice portrait of Pat Morita of Karate Kid fame.

And this one captures the cartoon style of skulls that seems to be popular for tattoos and some biker wear.

ther are some I like just because they are so colorful.

Others have a message designed for politicians everywhere.

And this one seems to be a message board: Call me!