Monday, December 12, 2016

Back to the Western Treatment Plant

Taking advantage of the key we put a deposit on, we made another trip to the Western Treatment Plant. Our first trip was interesting but seemed to be low on birds. We decided to check out the place earlier in the morning to see if the time of day was the reason. It seems to have been.

Out near the bay, we find a very interesting landscape filled with some sort of succulent (possibly related to the ice plant) in bright read. There were also small white flowers punctuating the greenery. Covering the rocks placed for marking the sides of the road was a brightly colored moss and in between are patches of sand highlighting the scene.

The bay is usually calm and home to flocks of sea gulls, among other birds.

There were also Curlew Sandpipers flocking together to find a bite to eat.

Back on shore, we found a conspiracy of Crows with a couple Magpies tossed in for good measure.

There was also a black kite resting in a dead tree top. This handsome creatures spent most of their time circling over the fields looking for a meal. Occasionally, one would rest a spell where I could get a shot.

Near one of the channels cut across the land was a treed strip and under one of the trees was a Magpie being harassed by a Willie Wagtail. It seems distinctly unpleasant.

 And remember the little wren with the iridescent blue patches, the Superb Fairy Wren? That is the male. The one below is the female. Interesting how different the male and female are, eh?

There were Welcome swallows feasting on the multitude of flies that attack every time you open a door or window. Here are a few resting between meals.

One of the more exciting birds of the day is the Horsfield Bronze-Cuckoo. This birds has very distinctive markings along her belly and a much more interesting song than just "coo-coo".

On our first trip we saw the male White Fronted Chat. This time we saw his mate.

A very good day out and about. Lots of good birds and beautiful scenes. We'll go back again.