Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Another visit to Cranbourne

It was a nice day, so we decided to drive out to Cranbourne to the Royal Botanic Gardens for another look about.

While there were some beautiful flowers to see, the peak seems to have passed as summer is coming on. We also saw some birds...old friends and a new one.

Flitting among the many stands of Kangaroo Paws (yellow ones here), is our friend the New Holland Honeyeater. He is so busy, it is really hard to catch him.

A bit slower is the European Gold Finch hiding behind the tree limb.

But the new bird for us is the Dusky Woodswallow. This is nesting season (apparently) and we saw two active nests. One has little ones in it. This mom still seems to be warming eggs.

For a nice walk on a sunny day, it is hard to beat these gardens. Well laid out and well managed. Although there were a few signs alerting us to recent snake sightings, we didn't see any this trip. Maybe next time.