Friday, November 04, 2016

On the Road

It has taken me a few days to get the photos together and get settled into our new digs, but finally, we start the tale of getting there. Along the road, not far south of Toowoomba, we find hundreds of these beautiful yellow flowers.

Clearly, this is an indication of spring maturing. These flowers were everywhere along the road. Some places, it was just yellow.

As we drove south, the flat land of southern Queensland spread out before us.

Driving south towards Warwick, the horizon receded, giving the impression that you were, for just a moment, standing still. Were it not from the nearby pole and trees; you could easily imagine that everything was stationary.

Many fields still have brown grass in them. I think it is green for only a short period each year because of the low rainfall.

As we pushed farther south, the flat gave way to hilly, and we began to climb up to nearly 1 km. By the time we reached Stanthorpe (and Texas!) there were many more trees and everything was much greener.

The countryside was really beautiful on this very clear day. Lots of horses in the part of the country.

We stopped for a break in a small town with a very wide main street, a post office/general store and little else.

A great little town with colorful trees and a dead quiet street.

This place is the store and post for the town. I have no idea what the jury will decide about whether she did it (what?) or not.

The post boxes are all acces from outside the store and are marked with NSW, for New South Wales, the state we are now in.

We stopped in the store for a pee-break and learned that the public toilets are located in the park just down the street. This means we had to visit the very public, open all night, bare-bones toilets. The men's room had this wonderfully useful container.

But this little town of Mallanganee had a vision of itself that, on the whole, was not far from the mark. It was a sweet little town.