Tuesday, November 08, 2016

More Shoreline Exploration

Gentle reader,you will be getting a pretty steady diet of coastal views for a while. Being here at the beach means this is the main attraction.

Not far along the shore from the extensive sand of Birubi Beach is a place called Boat Harbor. This part really doesn't look much like a place to put in a boat.

The rushing surf, the green vegetation and the rocky coast make for an inspiring location.

The water is in constant swirl as it rushes on and off of the outcrops. Perhaps I'll get a video of this sometime to give you the full experience of standing in this spot.

Around on the other side of this dangerous section of the shore is a quite, almost pond-like location with a beach.

This is the boat harbor. No waves and rocks here. Just white sand, blue water and kids enjoying it. This is small beach that is just as calm as a bath tub. A great place to spend an afternoon.