Sunday, November 13, 2016

Lemon Tree Passage

The center of mid-town Lemon Tree Passage is a park, a restaurant or two, a hair dresser, a post office, and a coffee shop. Not a lot more than that. On one of the posts in the water sat an Australian Pelican trying to have a nap. With that eye open, it isn't clear how mush sleep he's getting.

At the marina, there was a fellow cleaning his boat.

But the really fun thing to see is the vista from here.

In this image you can the The Poyer, one of the restaurants in "town" hovering over the water on pilings and the marina. Something you can see some of the clarity of the water near the shore. The coast is almost exclusively sand here and the this makes the water very clear.

On around to the left from the above scene is the opening of the harbor. Lemon Tree passage is formed by the strait between the spit of the mainland that the town is on and a small Mangrove-covered mud island called Bull Island that you see in the background of the above photo.

In this image, you are looking toward the north(ish) and see the mainland on the other side of the bay.

Even the ordinary here is really inspiring.