Saturday, October 29, 2016


Mozzarella cheese in Australia is very different from what we are used to. I thought that all mozzarella was made from buffalo's milk since this is all that we get in the US. It makes a creamy white cheese with a distinctive but subtle flavor.

Here, however, we get mozzarella that is much yellower in color, denser, and with much less flavor. We finally figured out that we can get the good stuff (almost) at the gourmet store for a price. I always find it disturbing that the prices are given for kilogram quantities. $57.50/Kg makes it feel really expensive. The price on the front of the container does too. This is not, as you see on the label, purely buffalo milk, but rather a mix with cow's milk. This is better than the garden variety grocery cheese, but it not as good as some we've had.

And for the discerning shopper, we also have stylish socks to wear with your open-toed sandals this summer. Oh, I forgot, it is winter where most of you are... too bad. These might still work if you are not too cold.

I wonder if zombies even care if their mozzarella has buffalo's milk in it at all?