Sunday, October 23, 2016

Australia Zoo

While visiting Noosa area, we also made a visit to the Australia Zoo. This is a place made famous by Steve Erwin. He grew up in Queensland not far from Beerwah where the zoo is located.

Of course, the zoo has a large collections of animals from all over the world, but we reallyhad time to see only part of the collection. Here are a few of the images from our visit. Here is a wallaby of some sort, I suspect it is an agile wallaby. I confess I don't write these things down on the fly.

Here is a kangaroo, a red I think.

And one of my favorites is the Eastern Yellow Robin, seen here peeking out from behind a tree.

On to the more interesting animals. One of the enclosures housed several dingos. They certainly are handsome creatures. This should make those dog lovers among you happy.

Here is a Brolga, also known as the Australian Crane, is a tall and interestingly marked bird.

And, here, finally is a good shot of the Cassowary. The enclosure has a ramp putting us up mostly above the birds so the fence is low enough that the birds can be seen looking over it. This permits a reasonable picture. There are only about 1200 of theses beautiful birds left in the wild.

It's not fully understood why they have the large casque on their heads. However, one function seems to be related to acoustics. Cassowaries make a booming call that is the lowest frequency call made by any bird and is just audible to humans. This structure on their head somehow helps resonante this sound.

Remarkable animals.