Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Drive in the Country

It finally warmed a little and we had ourselves a bit of a drive in the country side just outside of Toowoomba. Just south of town on the New England Highway is a turnout from which it is possible to look south and east across some truly wonderful farmland.

I have stitched up a couple panoramas to give you a feeling for what it is like to stand beside the road and survey this countryside. This first view is made with a 24 mm lens giving a broad view of the vista.

Here's another one taken at 200 mm that shows a smaller section of the fields. It also has the utility pole in the middle of it that you also see in the first image above.

Queensland has some amazing views even in the mundane places alongside the road. While we will miss these expansive scenes, we are looking forward to hitting the road and heading south to new adventures.