Monday, August 15, 2016

Whale Watching Cruise in Platypus Bay

On our first full day at Kingfisher Bay, we booked a cruise on a ½-day whale watching cruise. In the clear blue waters of the Platypus Bay at the northern end of Fraser Island, we saw more whales that we could imagine. There were, at various times, two or three pods of whales swimming around our boat. Some, like the one above, were playing with us...rolling over and waving hello.

The whales swam right up to, under, all around our boat.

We could see them from nearly every angle.

From the side...

and from the tail.

Under water...

and above.

Sometimes they just came up to see what all the fuss what was about.

Even showing off battle scars from previous battles. Perhaps these are a badge of honor to show us how brave and virile he is?

With a final breeching, we head home from this magical encounter.

More images are available on flickr.