Friday, July 29, 2016

Star Trek: Beyond

After a morning of watching the Democratic Convention, we decided to go to the movies this afternoon.

We drove over to the Grand Central Shopping Center to the theater. This theater is located on roof of the building. We parked down a level or two in the parking garage so we could spend a little time wandering the mall before the movie. We went up a level from where we parked and then, after shopping about a bit, we walked up a flight of stairs to the theater.

After the movie, we reversed course and walked down the stairs we came up. the entry to the hallway was closed. the gates were down. So we walked to the elevator and went to our floor and walked down the hallway to the parking garage. the problem was that every thing - everything - was closed. Gates down. Nobody in the building. We walked to the exit and it was locked.

We reversed course again and went back up to the theater and exited the mall. This was all pretty creepy. Then we couldn't find a way down to our level in the garage. I asked directions from a young man gathering shopping carts. Following his lead, we went back in the mall by a different entrance and down a level to a different exit that was open.

We finally got to our level in the garage and we were the only car there. Everyone else was gone. now you may think that we went to the late movie and all this made perfect sense. We went to the movie at 4:45 and got out about 7:00! On a Friday night in the main shopping mall in a city of over 100,000, it was a ghost town. Not what we expected to see.

Oh yeah, the movie was pretty good. Light on story, as expected. Long on special effects and makeup. Parts were a bit flat and parts were pretty good. Overall, a light bit of entertainment.