Saturday, July 09, 2016

Most Amazing Sight

It is 6:30 PM here and in July, being winter, it is already dark. We live on the south side of the city center but are by no stretch of the imagination out in the country. When I look toward the center of town I see glow on the horizon. But not much.

Much higher in the sky is the moon. We now have a waxing crescent at about 25%. A bright sliver but not an overwhelming source of light in the sky.

But as you stand the yard for a few minutes, you realize that with your hand to block the nearby streetlights, you can see that there is a background to the many stars you can see. The Milky Way! When was the last time you stood out at night, in town, with the moon up in any phase, and saw the milky way!?

There is now a plan forming to drive out to the edge of town (as we get used to driving about on the left) and see if we can get some photos of this amazing sight.