Monday, June 13, 2016

Some Things You've Just Got to Do
About three years ago I gave up mowing the yard. The mower died one last time, and we hired a landscaping service to do it for us. I've enjoyed the leisure since then. Today, while pet-sitting, we needed to mow the lawn at our host house. The yard here is very small and it didn't take long, but the memories of all those years came flooding back.

I used to see good things about the effort of mowing. The engine noise creates a sonic envelope around you that gives you isolation from the world to think. The effort and attention to the task keep you from drifting too far afield. Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Saturday (or Monday). But, like many other tasks in life, I've reached the point where this is less fun that it used to be. Nowadays, the work feels like it out weighs the good. I don't know. Perhaps the next time will be more fun.