Monday, June 13, 2016

Sadness, Horror, and Hatred

John Birmingham writes regular columns for Fairfax Media in Australia. In a column published in the Brisbane Times today, he puts the blame for the Orlando massacre squarely where it belongs...

We can see the evidence of the hatred boiling away inside the shooter's heart and mind, but we cannot now clinically dissect it. We can only ponder the consequences of hatred. It always ends in blood, in horror. Always.
 and on who is responsible

Some of you might consider the effect you have on weaker, smaller, more unstable minds when you point your crooked staff at a reviled minority and pronounce your very own fatwa upon them.
There will be blood and a few inconvenient drops of it might just splatter on you as they fly. 
We all bear the responsibility of this terrible shooting and we all must stand together to stop it from happening again.