Monday, March 14, 2016

Down by the River

The Thamalakane river just down from the house.

Sunday was a rest and recover day for us. It rained pretty steadily all morning and was cool (in the 70's) and pleasant. I discovered that we could actually watch Netflix on the computer. Apparently, Netflix is clever enough to stream a very low resolution version of the show so our wifi could handle it.

However, time marches on and dog-walking time approached. We knew this from the restlessness and incessant whining and barking. So off to the river we went, led by three happy dogs.

When we arrived we found the storm clouds clearing and some interesting birds. So, we escorted our canine friends back home, got the camera and binoculars, and came back for a good look about.

A Great White Heron fishing for dinner while a Great Grey Heron minds his own business.
The air was still making the river water glassy, and except for the many water plants growing there, very reflective.

An African Jacana working for his meal.
While the number of birds along the river was not large, we did have a good variety. The African Jacana is common visitor in these parts. The one above posed for me, and I could not resist.

Open Billed Stork. We (and you, dear reader) have seen a lot of these.
Here, you can easily see the source of the name of the open-billed stork. The out of focus brown thing in the background is another Jacana.

While Faced Ducks.
The star of the afternoon was a new bird for us, the White Faced Duck. Here, we see a group (small gaggle? a gagglette?) of them on the opposite shore of the river. They are indeed ducks that have white faces. Can't really say more at this time.
A confab of Cattle Egrets discussing life at the water cooler.
And, bending the usual wisdom of leaving with no more 'egrets, I will, today, leave you with some.