Friday, March 25, 2016


Just so you understand what you are seeing here: all the photos in this post were taken inside the city limits of Maun almost directly across the river from the town center. There are two main roads, one on each side of the river. This is on the side of the river where we are living.

There used to be a wildlife refuge here, next to the Thamalakane River. We were told, but I don't remember, the details about how it was closed a year or two ago, but what is left is a fence and the baboons. Hard to catch and relocate these wily creatures.

On the way out to our morning caffeine, we spied them out of the fenced-in area having a nosh along the road.

They were very skittish and would quickly move away when Elizabeth pulled over to stop.

Getting pictures that were in focus through the grass was difficult.

Kind of reminds me of getting back to work: animals on the loose, difficulty focusing, barriers erected to keep things separate don't work, and I'm sitting in the middle. I hope your work experience is better.