Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Lawn Party

The preparation.
To celebrate Labor Day, our family, and friends, we hosted a lawn party on Sunday. This involved starting well before to get everything right. E worked hard for many days, and I tended the grill on Saturday to cook. After lighting a fire and getting it going well, we put two large pieces of pork on the grill for about five hours to make some succulent BBQ.

The cooked BBQ ready to take off the fire.
This gave me the opportunity to use the really cool bluetooth thermometer I bought a while back. The electronics sit outside the grill and the two problems are inserted into the meat. I can then connect my iPhone to the thermometer and see a graph of temperature versus time. Very nice.

Anna photo bombing in the kitchen.
On Sunday, everyone went in overdrive to get everything done. Our friends Mark and Jennifer came to visit with Anna and Seth and everyone pitched in.

Food truck wars at the Frontier Culture Museum.
By 1:00 or so, all was prepared. E went for a well-earned shower and rest, and I went with the rest to the Frontier Culture Museum to ingest the fruits of the food truck wars. I had a pupusa and the rest sampled the wings. By the time we left and made a couple stops for ice and a few other things, it was party time!

Friends and neighbors came to our back lawn to enjoy the feast and conversation.

The only difficulty was that Anna got stung by a bee right between her toes! Ouch!!

But we were able to sooth the pain with a quick application of baking soda followed by ice and a quick swim in Terry's pool next door.

And the small ones who came with mom and dad also enjoyed the outing.

Erika and Kai enjoying the shank of the evening.
A good time was had by all.